Friday, 1 April 2011

Tips for Making a Pair Feeling Comfortable

1. If you want to be respected, then first learning how to appreciate him.

Do not be too imposing your will to the him, let go with what is, accept your weaknesses and correct deficiencies.

2. Still appear attractive in front of the him.

Most of us be quasi-indifferent when we've got a girlfriend. Thought in the development of liver hell "ah he's had a boyfriend I was, she would understand. " Thoughts like this is actually wrong, try to perform optimally.

3. Do not make excessive commitment

There are couples who make over-commitment, just like you should call me this, this is what you need, you should like this. nah it should be avoided.

4. Romance is important!

Many couples who have undergone if the relationship is more than 1 year or longer yanhg practically, to forget such thing as romantic, so impressed that relationship bland. Actually it is very important romantic which will make the pair are always happy when near us.

5. Do not curb shall always be with you!

Now this point forgotten by many of us, most of us when more love-unfortunately feel always wanted to be alone. Activities causing the him disturbed. Originally hell is going well, but look a few weeks or few months later, a friend he will give you bad advice about the nature of this one and eventually drop out deh.

6. Jealousy may be the origin do not miss it!

If you are jealous do not miss it because usually when you are too jealous of the more try it. Trust me ...

7. Do not ever test

I believe among the ever test how much you love your boyfriend or love to you. Walah avoid deh, because this will be fatal.

First Love

Still often reminded by the memories of your first love? Be careful, because according to research in the UK, these memories can interfere with your love life the next.

Tips from me to forget my first love (not yet in hell try, a new hypothesis):

1. Most people are lazy tried something new if you've pw ama a condition. Likewise with the courtship, if you've pw ama one couple, it feels lazy to move to another heart, even if already broken! (if you've kept us bored putusin means've not pw)

2. Therefore, try to find a new boyfriend. Boyfriend who started from the nature, behavior, and other very different ama old boyfriend. Ama dating older also may. If you still do not have progress, try dating ama widow.

3. If it still fails, try a new style. Not macem2 style. If the first movie and the way we are going out to the mall, try now seringin present study, social gathering, social activities, or criminal, if necessary.

4. Try a new challenge. Datangin family, acquaintances ama father, or family ceweklu to date as well.

5. If it still fails, repeat steps 1-4 with pacara same-sex (not recommended)

Tips for First Views

FALL IN LOVE is a feeling that never unexpected arrival. The desire to fall in love can not set-set, because it arises simply follow one's heart choice.

Like the old saying from the eyes down to the heart, like the same feeling of love that is often experienced by young couples who will be a love affair.

First sight be considered as the most powerful influence to launch an introduction that is expected to continue into the later stages of courtship.

According to news reported by Health24, there are several important points that need to know to conquer the prospective spouse meet for the first time.

Select the right clothes to wear

If a friend wants to take you acquainted with a beautiful woman, you can use a t-shirt that can be paired with jeans. This is done so that your appearance looks more relaxed and neat.

But if the meeting which took place unexpectedly, then you do not need to be ashamed to wear clothing that is attached at the time. Show trust yourself and start chatting him.
Talks interspersed with funny jokes

Surely he will feel bored if you just talk about serious things only. Because it is interspersed with funny jokes that can make a more cheerful mood. When you can make her laugh, which woke up the atmosphere certainly will be felt more alive.? ?

Put the two ears to listen to the story

When you first meet a golden opportunity for you to know more closely. Therefore, attach the two ears to medengarkan story. Keep both eyes looked up to him to feel that you really notice it and like it.

Call its name many times

Surely he will feel flattered when you mention his name many times in your conversation. By mentioning his name many times, can automatically affect the assessment to you. Make the first meeting of this moment to be memorable and not just missed.

lie woman

They say she was hard to understand. No one was able to dive inside a woman's heart. Often what was said by women are not the same as what she thought.

Some examples may be familiar with the following sentence in your ear, but do you know what the real meaning of the word that came out from the lips of a woman? Let's find out further:

"I'm Not Angry Kok."
Do not swallow it raw sentence uttered from the lips of her lover. In fact he was angry at you. This is the most common lie in the relationship


. Women often use this phrase as a self-defense, especially for women who feel hurt by their partner.

For example, if a man accidentally forget one day be a spouse or partner's call by the name of another girl so do not be surprised if the woman utter a sentence like the above with a cool attitude.

Radar Lies:
Lies like this are usually easily detected because most women trying to cover up the pain of their hearts and hope he can read their hearts content. Eye movements that too often, the tone of voice and attitude is passive-aggressive signals to read the most obvious sign that he is ready to spout his anger on you.

What to Do:
You should stay away for a while from him. Give him time to calm his anger, then try to talk from heart to heart about the negligence that you have done. Express your sincere repentance in front of him.

"I'm Not Ready to Establish Relations With Other Men Now This."
Maybe this is the reason that most classic expressed by women when they want to reject a man. Usually, this lie was followed by a sentence like "I've broken heart some time ago and I do not want to hurt anymore," or "now I'm focusing on a career so no time to think about the relationship


. 'But you know what actually residing in the mind? The woman is still single and not interested in you.

Radar Lies:
If she seems uncomfortable when alone with you or avoid eye contact or too much further ado, it is certain that he is lying.

What to Do:
Listen to every sentence he spoke. Hide the fact that you know that he lied. Remain calm and in control by showing that you believe in his words, then let him pass from your life.

"I'll treat."
Although not all women who say words like this mean a lie, but most women expect men to pay the expenses, especially if the man who first asked her out. Many women are secretly dating couples underestimate the pair if they seem reluctant to pay their date. Every time a date, at least he should try to offer to pay expenses such as dinner or a movie if they are first asked the woman for dating. If in a session date, she insisted on paying dating expenses, the bill should be shared. But if he had protested while ago, it signifies that he did so out of politeness, should prialah paying.

Levels of Lies:
If a spouse says, "Oh, let me just who pays," but it seems he seemed very reluctant to do so, this means that the couple did not intend to do it.

What You Should Do:
Before a date, prepare yourself as well as possible, including in financial terms. If women who become dating couples seemed impressed indeed just want to take advantage of you, you can keep a distance with it but you still visible gentleman