Love, Can Attracting Women Be Learned?

Posted by yo on Friday, 4 December 2015

Nice to meet you love.... I think a fundamental question faced by men in the pursuit of attracting women is: Can attracting women be learned? Is it a result of genetics  of having been gifted with prominent cheekbones, lean muscularity or a sizable organ? Or perhaps having a prominent checkbook and the right surname? Is it about having a naturally outgoing personality, charisma, and sharp wit? Or perhaps possession of influence and personal power?

As complex as women are, there is no one answer to explain their preferences. As individuals, they, like we, are different  with different genetics, different experiences, and therefore, different tastes. And it is been said theres no accounting for taste. So, it may be true that to some women, height and good looks matter a lot. Some schools of thought say that women value financial security more. Others say that personality, masculinity, sense of humor, or any of a variety of different criteria matters most.

And so, the questions must of necessity be: Is it possible to attract women, and if so, can any man do it? And will it work with ANY woman specifically? The answer is yes, and no.

Yes, in the sense that it is possible to attract the kind of women that you like, and who would like you in return, but whom you need to actively attract to you. This requires you to learn the techniques for attracting women, and actively engaging in the pursuit. Sitting at home simply wont do; you have to go out and approach them. Attracting women involves the application of learned skills in a consistent and persistent fashion. Just like any skill, itis all about practice and playing the probabilities. You simply have to keep approaching women.

When you play the numbers, however, remember that your chances of winning can be enhanced by other things besides the application of the techniques. Some of your strengths can be emphasized, and your weaknesses downplayed. For example, age differential, or shortness, or obesity may hinder you to some extent, but should not stop you. Instead, play to your strengths, and remember that womens preferences are not all the same. If you persist, you WILL succeed in attracting women.

However, it is not possible to attract all women, or just any specific one. If there were a specific woman that you wanted to attract, but who is simply not interested or attracted to you, no skill or technique or persistence is guaranteed to work. History is replete with stories of unrequited love  of men who thought that they can make a woman want them. If they had simply tried to attract other women instead, and kept persisting, they would have been met with success.

So, in sum, yes, attracting women can be learned. Will it always work? No. But if it allows you to attract the women you want, and who want you in return, isnot it worth it to try?
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Tips for Making a Pair Feeling Comfortable

Posted by yo on Friday, 1 April 2011

1. If you want to be respected, then first learning how to appreciate him.

Do not be too imposing your will to the him, let go with what is, accept your weaknesses and correct deficiencies.

2. Still appear attractive in front of the him.

Most of us be quasi-indifferent when we've got a girlfriend. Thought in the development of liver hell "ah he's had a boyfriend I was, she would understand. " Thoughts like this is actually wrong, try to perform optimally.

3. Do not make excessive commitment

There are couples who make over-commitment, just like you should call me this, this is what you need, you should like this. nah it should be avoided.

4. Romance is important!

Many couples who have undergone if the relationship is more than 1 year or longer yanhg practically, to forget such thing as romantic, so impressed that relationship bland. Actually it is very important romantic which will make the pair are always happy when near us.

5. Do not curb shall always be with you!

Now this point forgotten by many of us, most of us when more love-unfortunately feel always wanted to be alone. Activities causing the him disturbed. Originally hell is going well, but look a few weeks or few months later, a friend he will give you bad advice about the nature of this one and eventually drop out deh.

6. Jealousy may be the origin do not miss it!

If you are jealous do not miss it because usually when you are too jealous of the more try it. Trust me ...

7. Do not ever test

I believe among the ever test how much you love your boyfriend or love to you. Walah avoid deh, because this will be fatal.
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First Love

Posted by yo

Still often reminded by the memories of your first love? Be careful, because according to research in the UK, these memories can interfere with your love life the next.

Tips from me to forget my first love (not yet in hell try, a new hypothesis):

1. Most people are lazy tried something new if you've pw ama a condition. Likewise with the courtship, if you've pw ama one couple, it feels lazy to move to another heart, even if already broken! (if you've kept us bored putusin means've not pw)

2. Therefore, try to find a new boyfriend. Boyfriend who started from the nature, behavior, and other very different ama old boyfriend. Ama dating older also may. If you still do not have progress, try dating ama widow.

3. If it still fails, try a new style. Not macem2 style. If the first movie and the way we are going out to the mall, try now seringin present study, social gathering, social activities, or criminal, if necessary.

4. Try a new challenge. Datangin family, acquaintances ama father, or family ceweklu to date as well.

5. If it still fails, repeat steps 1-4 with pacara same-sex (not recommended)
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Tips for First Views

Posted by yo

FALL IN LOVE is a feeling that never unexpected arrival. The desire to fall in love can not set-set, because it arises simply follow one's heart choice.

Like the old saying from the eyes down to the heart, like the same feeling of love that is often experienced by young couples who will be a love affair.

First sight be considered as the most powerful influence to launch an introduction that is expected to continue into the later stages of courtship.

According to news reported by Health24, there are several important points that need to know to conquer the prospective spouse meet for the first time.

Select the right clothes to wear

If a friend wants to take you acquainted with a beautiful woman, you can use a t-shirt that can be paired with jeans. This is done so that your appearance looks more relaxed and neat.

But if the meeting which took place unexpectedly, then you do not need to be ashamed to wear clothing that is attached at the time. Show trust yourself and start chatting him.
Talks interspersed with funny jokes

Surely he will feel bored if you just talk about serious things only. Because it is interspersed with funny jokes that can make a more cheerful mood. When you can make her laugh, which woke up the atmosphere certainly will be felt more alive.? ?

Put the two ears to listen to the story

When you first meet a golden opportunity for you to know more closely. Therefore, attach the two ears to medengarkan story. Keep both eyes looked up to him to feel that you really notice it and like it.

Call its name many times

Surely he will feel flattered when you mention his name many times in your conversation. By mentioning his name many times, can automatically affect the assessment to you. Make the first meeting of this moment to be memorable and not just missed.
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